Inspiron Construction completed Phase I of a Madison Avenue Penthouse addition, which involved craning four pre-constructed modular units to the roof of an existing 11-story Landmarked building. The logistics of the site required demanding coordination between city agencies, consultants, subcontractors and the building tenants which allowed for a successful Crane Day on Saturday, October 15th 2016.

The four Modular Units arrived with a fully finished exterior and rough interior. The Modular Units will comprise a new Master Suite for the existing apartment, including lounge area, walk-in closet and master bathroom with intricate stone and tile work. The existing floor configuration has been redesigned to accommodate the new addition, including a Custom Staircase that will connect the addition to the existing apartment and new bedroom layouts made possible by the expansion. The Penthouse interior will receive Level 5 finishes throughoutboth the existing apartment and modular addition, creating the elegant finish fitting of Madison Avenue.

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