The 10th floor at Eileen Fisher is the sales floor for the company. It is used to showcase products to different department stores.

Inspiron fully renovated this 25,000 square feet space made up of 8 different selling bays where Eileen Fisher showcase their clothing. The floor was fully gutted and renovated on new design, where high end luton lighting system was installed to vibrantly focus on Eileen Fisher merchandise. Inspiron also installed completely new MEP’S systems that ensure the space is protected and comfortable for anyone using the floor. There is high quality millwork in the pantry area with a fully solid concrete L-shaped island. There is a heavy use of glass in the rooms to bring out the beautiful open space as well as widely used acoustic finishes across the floor to keep the ambiance quiet for business to be conducted.

Stairs connecting the 10th floor and 11th floor will soon be completed and will be one of a kind to the building.

Quotes From Eileen Fisher Exec on 10th floor completion:

“The showroom floor is largely complete and it looks great. The place is buzzing with back-to-back market appointments all day. Thank you all for your continued hard work on this floor, for pushing completion along and for all phases of this project.”