Eileen Fisher is a well-known and very successful fashion design company. Inspiron was hired to complete their interior fit out project of 4 floors, in their 5th Avenue location. Construction began on August 2015.

The project consists of floors 8-11, with each floor being approximately 20,000 sq. feet. Each floor has different architectural and structural designs, as each floor serves a different purpose for the Eileen Fisher company.

Floors 8 & 9 are their working floors, where employees work with the material and design. The 10th & 11th Floor are their show rooms where Eileen Fisher shows off their product and thus being their most important floors. Due to the differences in design of every floor, each floor was its own project and had its own unique challenges.

The most challenging part of each floor project was the Architectural and MEPS designs. The drawings went through 10 revisions for the 8th & 9th floors and 12 revisions for the 10th & 11thfloors. This meant over 800 changes for the 8th & 9th floor before design and construction was finalized. A lot of these changes occurred during the construction phase which caused a lot of challenges in managing change orders and keeping a steady construction flow. To add to the difficulties, the owner Eileen Fisher had schedule constraints due to 1. Lease ending in other location 2. Market dates for their company. These were very tough constraints as it would mean Eileen Fisher would be without operation until the new 8 & 9th floors were finishes.

Components of design/construction includes Custom Specialty Millwork, Numerous Finishes (Autex, Decoustic/Acoustic Panels, Various millwork panels), Steel & Glass, Specialty Electrical System (Lutron System, Light Fixtures) & Extensive Coordination of MEPS.

The 9th floor was completed on January 2016, the 8th floor followed on May 2016. The 10th floor is currently under construction, with the 11th floor to follow after 10th floor completion.

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